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Some people love shopping. Others would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick. I am firmly in the latter category but, after seeing La Roca Village advertised on the back of a bus, I thought it might be worth having a closer look, especially as it is located just up the road from Mataró.


Getting there is quite easy. Parking, however, is not! Hopefully the reason for this is people taking an extended Christmas holiday. It certainly did not look anything like the first day back to work for most people. There was a curious mix of nationalities from all over the world looking for high end bargains. A lot of them were probably tourists from Barcelona as there is a bus service available, but it’s not cheap. If you get the express bus it costs €20 but the regular 502 bus will do the same job for a lot less, albeit a little slower.


As for the shops, well, all the big international names were there. Discounts of up to 80% were advertised but in some of these high end shops that still left prices which ensured my wallet stayed firmly in my pocket. If designer brands are your thing there certainly seemed to be some bargains on offer. Some people were being quite flash with their cash looking at the number of bags being carried around.


A nice touch in this shopping village is the design. There is a lot of outdoor space and several cafes. Even Starbucks are there (woo hoo for some!). There are also some parts which have a Gaudi-esque look to them as though they have been lifted right from the heart of Parc Guell. It is also undergoing a massive expansion. By the looks of things, it is going to double in size in the near future, but the construction work does not interfere with anybody’s shopping.


So, if you are looking for a little retail therapy, La Roca Village is not a bad place to head for. Good luck finding those bargains!


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