Gospel Sons – high energy gospel in Mataró

Another weekend and another trip to the Teatro Monumental in Mataró. This time it was to see the incredible Gospel Sons. This was the first time I had been to a gospel concert, yet it wasn’t the first time I had seen this incredible choir perform. After the concert I realised I had watched them welcome the Three Kings Messengers to Mataró back in December.

Gospel Sons

Led by their highly energetic choirmaster, Georgina Blanch, they rocked the house down. There is no other way to describe the supercharged performance they gave. It’s hard to believe this young lady is only 25 as she commands the stage and the respect of her choir who followed her every move. She led them through traditional gospel pieces and an extraordinary rendition of one of my all time favourite songs, Marc Cohen’s Walking in Memphis.

Gospel Sons

The show finished with a song I hadn’t heard, Reina del Maresme, before but, after a quick search on Youtube, I discovered it is kind of the theme tune for Mataró. Everyone was singing it as the concert came to a close. Everyone wanted more, but, like me, they will have to wait for next time.

Gospel Sons Band

[Hopefully Google Translate will assist anyone who, like me, does not speak enough Catalan to read the linked articles very well. It doesn’t help with the speeches during the show though!]

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