Dosrius – an unexpected, but beautiful, treat in the Maresme hills

We had been to La Roca outlet village to get some new trainers. On the way back we decided to drive through the hills and have a quick look at the village of Dosrius. All we knew about the place was that it was nestled in amongst the trees and that there were probably some walking trails starting from there. We were in for a very pleasant surprise.

Dosrius Church

After parking up in the riverside car park (which we presume was free – there didn’t appear to be anywhere to pay!) we crossed the bridge and made our way up to the spectacular Església parroquial de Sant Iscle i Santa Victòria which dominated the skyline. The local municipality have provided some very helpful leaflets online about places like this, but unhelpfully, they are only available in Catalan! The church is nearly 500 years old. We couldn’t get inside but it looks quite impressive on the leaflet. Instead we were left to marvel at its architecture from outside. The octagonal tower looks like an impenetrable fortress, whilst the bell tower rings out across the valleys every 15 minutes. Gargoyles and angels adorn the doors in a truly gothic facade.

Gargoyles or Angels?

Nearby is Can Net, a farmhouse which dates back over 150 years. It is the former residence of the Marquis who sold it in 1980. It has quite an attractive doorway onto the street.

Can Net

On a hill above Dosrius we had seen what looked like a small fortification. It stood out in a clearing in the pine trees and we thought it would be nice to walk up to it. Unfortunately for us, we had left it too late in the day and we had to turn back as the sun dropped lower in the sky. Instead we had to settle for a walk around a very salubrious part of town with houses we could only dream of affording. The views from their terraces must be very special indeed.

High above Dosrius

On our way back down we came across a memorial garden. In there we found a moving monument listing the human cost to the village of the Spanish Civil War. All of the victims are named in a metal book.

In Memorium

Back near the river we walked around the area where an old water tower looks out over the fields. There is some beautiful brickwork around, giving us a small insight into the hidden past of this small Catalan village.

DosriusSoon afterwards we returned to Dosrius to climb up to the castle we had seen. It was an easy climb and much shorter than anticipated. Disappointment waited at the top though as the castle turned out to be a single wall with a Catalan flag proudly fluttering away on top of it. The views over the countryside were rewarding though.

Dosrius Castle

We decided to continue along some of the forest tracks and enjoyed a pleasant walk amongst the pine trees. We could probably have gone on for hours but after a while, common sense prevails and you have to turn back!

Dosrius from above


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