Canet Rock 2014


Spain can boast many music festivals during the summer months. This year there is a new addition. Well, it’s really a revival, a comeback, a throwback to the 1970s. Canet Rock is back! After 36 years away the small Maresme town of Canet will be hosting a music festival once more.

In 1975 they dubbed it the Spanish Woodstock. Looking at footage from the event, it’s quite easy to understand why. The festival featured an eclectic mix of music and costumes both bizarre and outrageous (see the Youtube video above, especially Pau Riba at 42:50). Some 40,000 revellers defied the Franco dictatorship to celebrate Catalan culture and music – quite a brave act at the time. The festival was held for four successive years and in 1978 international acts such as Ultravox and Blondie featured high on the billing.



This year’s festival is on Saturday 5 July and you can find links to buy tickets at The website is only in Catalan but it’s fairly easy to find your way around it. Acts such as Love of Lesbian, Blaumut, and Delafé y los Flores Azules are sure to keep you entertained. All the links will take you to a Youtube video of the bands.


If, like me, you can’t get there on the day, there is an exhibition in Barcelona right now showing off the history of the concert. It’s in the old Estrella Damm brewery, Roselló 515, and is open in the evenings from 5-9 until 24 June. Get there quick!


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