La Roca del Valles – NOT the shopping centre!

We are back in Mataró after three months away! Today we took a trip out to the town of La Roca del Valles.

Castell at La Roca del Valles

Don’t be fooled. The shopping outlet village of the same name is nowhere near the town. We did see a couple of lost tourists asking for directions to get there. Try not to make the same mistake as them!

La Roca Castle

Whenever you drive from the AP-7 motorway onto the C60 towards Mataró, a castle dominates the skyline. We wondered if it would be possible to visit and wander around the grounds. After walking all around La Roca del Valles, we can tell you that you can’t get there. All roads leading up towards the castle are gated which is a shame as we really wanted to go. The church is pretty quaint though, and you can here its bells ringing out every fifteen minutes.

La Roca Church

Thwarted in our efforts, we walked out to the small river at the foot of the castle hill. There we found the derelict ruins of an old balustrade factory. There were piles of balustrades and a sign on one of the walls which gave away the purpose of the factory. What captivated us was the urban artwork which has sprung up all over the site. If they were to clean up the rubble which made exploring a little dangerous, it could become a mecca for photographers and graffiti artists alike!

Urban Art at La Roca

We had also seen what looked like a monastery or convent poking through the trees. Further exploration from the footpath was impossible though, so eventually we gave up! A frustrating day but it turned out into a great photographic expedition!

Monastery near La Roca

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Urban Art at La Roca

Urban Art at La Roca

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