Kylie and the Night Bus

Getting from Mataró into Barcelona for the evening is easy and cheap. We simply hop on a number 5 bus to the train station and get the next train into the city. It’s cheap too because a T-10 card can be used by more than one person and it works out at just €2.77 each way.


That means going to the Palau Sant Jordi to spend an evening with Kylie Minogue is easy. At Plaza Catalunya you just transfer onto the red L1 line and 4 stops later jump off at Plaza Espanya. There are plenty of places to eat and drink around there before walking up the hill to the concert. There are even escalators to help ease the pain of climbing up!


Kylie was amazing. You’re either a fan of her music or you’re, not but regardless of your taste, there can be no denying that she puts on a spectacular show.



The problem with concerts in Spain is the timing. Starting at 9.30pm isn’t too much of a problem but getting home afterwards can be a bit more difficult. Kylie’s show finished at about 11.40. Getting out of the venue takes time because there are lots of people, and it takes 20-30 minutes to get to Plaza Espanya. The last metro train during the week is at midnight, but fortunately that’s when it starts its last run, so there should still be a train from Espanya to Catalunya at about 00.10. That means keeping up a steady pace all the way back down the hill from Palau Sant Jordi which can be tricky in the dark.


The next problem is the night bus back to Mataró. The last train from Catalunya departs at midnight so there is no realistic way of catching that one if you want to stay to the end of the concert. The alternative is the night bus. The N82 leaves at 00.15 so if you manage to get that last metro train then you still have a chance of getting on it. On arrival at Plaza Catalunya there is an exit for Ronda Sant Pere which is ideal for a quick run to the bus stop on Passeig de Gracia. Unfortunately the late night officials will not let you out that way as they want to shut up quickly and go home. Instead you have an extended route to exit the station and are relying on there being a queue of people for the bus thus delaying its departure. We were very lucky and that’s exactly what happened. It’s lucky on another account too. The T-10 ticket is valid on the night bus but having used it for the metro ride, the clock was ticking on its validity on the bus. Had we missed that thanks to the officials at Catalunya, the next departure would have been at 01.15 and we would have had to pay again!

Night Bus Timetables

The N82 takes us to the train station in Mataró so then we face a 20-30 minute walk uphill to where we live. An alternative is to duck into a late night Barcelona bar and later take the N80 which departs at 01.15, dropping us right outside our house. The main gripe is that both the N82 and the N80, both of which go to Mataró, depart at the same time. Surely having one leaving at 00.45 would have been better. Better for us anyway!!

Still, we made it home, tired and happy. Kylie was incredible, in case you hadn’t realised!

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