The Fool with the Furgoneta (aka. The Man with a Van)

It is never easy moving home. We took the decision some time ago to leave Mataró but the biggest problem we faced was the logistics of moving all of our stuff from A to B. Ten years ago we started out as backpackers and moving from country to country each year meant we didn’t accumulate a lot of stuff. Just over 2 years of living in Spain and that situation has changed dramatically!

We decided to trot around the rental companies in Mataró. It required quite a bit of leg work and we were rather shocked by the prices we were being quoted. Enterprise quoted over €500 including a one way fee to Alicante. That seemed outrageous!

Next step was the Internet. The best price seemed to be with Atesa. I signed up for an account and booked a van for just over €200 including the one way fee. What a bargain, and bizarrely they use the same office as Enterprise. Sadly, 2 days later, they emailed me to say that no vehicles were available. We began to get worried.

No need to worry though, I soon found Beneluxcar, another online company. Their price was pretty good at €300 including the one way fee. My only concern was that they said I had to collect from the Atesa office and they had told me no vehicles were available! The day before collection we wandered down to the office to check that they had the booking and to our relief all was in order.


When it came to collecting the van, everything went smoothly. the only slight hiccup was that, whilst IVA (VAT) was included int he rental price, it wasn’t included in the one way fee so that whacked another €40 or so onto the bill. We managed to get all of our stuff into the van without any real problems. The washing machine was troublesome because it was very heavy but we managed – just!

The 6-7 hour drive down to Guardamar del Segura was no problem at all. Our rental agent was waiting for us with all the paperwork ready and before we knew it, we were moving in. The plan had been to empty the van into the trastero (a storage space next to our underground parking space) but the van was about 2 inches too high to go into the garage. That was annoying but, as always, we coped. It took several trips with a shopping trolley to unload everything but we got there in the end.


The next day we had to take the van to the Enterprise/Atesa office at the train station in Alicante. The streets around the station are quite narrow and, with vehicles parked on either side, it was a bit tight in places. A lack of decent signposting didn’t help either but we were soon breathing a sigh of relief and browsing in the shops at the train station before grabbing a sandwich and a beer as we waited for a bus back to Guardamar.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the story! All those hours of driving in a strange position left me with a frozen neck. It was extremely painful and only the help of a chiropractor could sort it out. Two sessions later and I’m finally right as rain again. If you need someone to manipulate your bones in the Torrevieja region, give me a shout and I will recommend the guy who sorted me out.

And that was the end of our Mataró adventure. For now, you can keep tabs on what we are doing from our new home at Mifotomundo.

Hasta luego!!

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